Labcare, along with sub-brand PerMuta, attending the 65th American Society for Mass Spectrometry (AS

The 65th ASMS Annual Conference was hold at Indiana Convention Centre, from June 4th to 8th, Indianapolis, IN, US. The conference attracted the participation of 182 mass spectrometry and relevant technology vendors from all over the world. ASMS 2017 started on June 4th. Some large mass spectrometry vendors, such as Thermo Fisher, Agilent, Shimadzu, released their latest product and innovative technology, while LabcareGroup also demonstrated its gas generator from the sub-brand PerMuta.

Exterior of Indiana Convention Centre

Site photo of 65th ASMS

Labcare attended ASMS and set up the exhibition booth (No.205), displayingthe nitrogen generator from sub-brand PerMuta. As an anxiliary equipment provider, our nitrogen generator can support all advanced mass spectrometry equipment, with rather stable performance and easy accessibility. We can also provide customized service in terms of client’s requirement in specific application.

Meanwhile, we have a professional technology maintenance team. The supporting team can offer specialized guidance when the problem of gas source application or maintaining examination occurred.

Our booth attracted large attention from lots of industry experts and mass spectrometry clients. The interaction and consulting provided us a good opportunity to get closer to the clients.

Field staff Senior Vice President (SVP): Ms Lesley Thomson (1st row, right), SVP: Mr Jianbing Cai (2nd row, right), Assistant Executive: Mr Wei Zhongjing (2nd row, left) and Chief Business Officer (CBO): Ms Jane McClments (1st row, left)

Communication between the visitors and field staff at Labcare Booth

Labcare Scientific International is a Sino-British high technology joint venture. Labcare dedicates in providing laboratory equipment, precise analysis equipment and engineering technical service. The professional industry background of life sciences and chemical analysis and rich quality management experience at material screening system, processing and production enable us to improve the intelligence during laboratory analysis and to ensure the safety for clients. Labcare has become a leading supplier in Chinese laboratory market, especially providing security intelligence solution.

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