Xu xinyuan, the president of Labcare Scientific China Limited, was elected the vice president of alu

Mr. Xu Xinyuan attended the inaugural meeting of Shanghai University Alumni Association on June 18th. He was honored to be elected a director of the 1st Shanghai University Alumni Association Council and the vice president of Shanghai University Alumni Association.

Xu xu, President of the alumni association of Shanghai university, with the head of Shandong Alumni Association.

Mr. Xu Xinyuan (middle) with Ms. Xu Rui, secretary general of Shanghai University Alumni Association (left) and Tan Ting, deputy secretary general (right).

Xu Xinyuan was also elected the director of the first council of the foundation at the recent 5th meeting of the 1st Education Development Foundation Council of Shanghai University.

Mr. Xu Xinyuan was making a statement at the Foundation Board Meeting.

‘Never forget where one’s happiness comes from and express gratitude to the Alma mater’, Mr. Xu Xinyuan actively participated in various issues of the Alumni Association of Shanghai University and the Education Development Foundation, dedicating to make Shanghai University become a world-class university.

CV of Mr. Xu Xinyuan :

Xu Xinyuan, who was graduated from Shanghai University in 1996, Bachelor in Applied Chemistry and Master of Business Administration. His current position is executive director and president of Labcare Scientific China Limited. He worked at Shanghai Institute of Dye Research, the Ministry of Shanghai Chemical Industry Bureau and HP (Agilent). He had worked and engaged in advanced studies at American headquarters of HP Agilent for 2 years. Labcare Scientific China Limited was established in 2006 by Mr. Xu Xinyuan and his partners, which is a complex high-tech company of general laboratory equipment, providing precise analysis instruments and engineering technical services. Labcare was twice awarded as ‘the Most Influential Enterprise’ by China Scientific Instrument Industry in 2015 and 2016.

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