Labcare and SILC have successfully signed the agreement on the construction of party building

As the 96th anniversary founding of Communist Party is coming, Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce (SILC), Shanghai university and Shanghai University’s alumni enterprise-- Labcare Scientific China Limited signed the party building agreement, in order to innovate the basic-level party construction work carrier, improve the party construction at the grass-roots level, promote the development of new mode of party construction and further strengthen the depth and scope of the cooperation between Alma mater and alumni enterprises. The signed agreement of party construction between the two Chinese-Foreign joints with similar DNA greatly improved the bilateral cooperation to a high level of party organization and spiritual civilization construction.

Scene picture of the party building signing ceremony.

On the morning of June 22, 2017, the two sides held a joint development signing ceremony at the lecture hall of Alumni Activities Center of Shanghai University. President of Labcare Scientific China Limited, Xu Xinyuan; party branch secretary, Zhu Jianzhong; secretary of the organization department of the party committee of Shanghai University, Wang Junhua; secretary of the party committee of SILC, Shanghai University, Li Shuang; executive vice president Lv kangjuan; deputy secretary, Wei Jingfen; vice president, Fang Hui, and other relevant people attended this signing ceremony.

Group picture of the participants in the meeting.

Wang Junhua, minster of the Organisation Department, warmly congratulated both sides on mutual cooperation of party building and spiritual civilization establishment. He stated, the Central Government paid highly attention to party construction since the 18th National Congress of Chinese Communist Party. Labcare and SILC, Shanghai University have similar backgrounds and characteristics with the complementary advantages. Therefore, the cooperation between two sides can promote the new exploration and development of the party building with the combination of modern education and modern enterprises.

The broader platform is established through the cooperation, which demonstrate that we are capable of driving the cooperation in the aspects of talent cultivation, innovation & entrepreneurship, information science, management science, financial accounting, high-end training and so on. Furthermore, it lay the emphasis the great importance of practical effect during the party building.

Secretary Zhu Jianzhong and Li Shuang respectively signed the joint agreement and took the photo.

Meanwhile, the visiting professor and external appointment ceremony was held by Labcare and SILC of Shanghai University at the International Conference Center, the 2nd second floor in Wende building, Shanghai Jiading campus. In terms of the similar international backgrounds, characteristics and culture of both sides, the platform of resource and experience sharing, special activities, practical and business training program are likely to be provided to the teachers and students based on the principle of “Complementary Advantages and Actual Effect”. Also, it tends to promote the innovative development between the universities and alumni enterprises, and make contributions to the growth and spread of alumni enterprise culture.

The signing ceremony of Industry-University-Research Base.

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