Labcare scientific solved dioxin sample pretreatment problem

Food safety are associated with the healthy issues for 1 .3 billion Chinese people, which has attracted special attention. Making an inventory of incidents that have had a profound impact on the food industry in the last two years, we can see the incidents such as crabs with excessive carcinogens (dioxin), and Taiwan dioxin 'poisonous eggs'.

Dioxin and the analogues are classified as human-level carcinogens by the International Centre for Cancer Research. It can enter the human body through skin, respiratory tract, digestive tract, etc. Dioxin has a half-life for 5-10 years within human body, which seriously endangers human health.

All countries over the world have strict rules on dioxin-like compounds. The world-wide method for purifying dioxin is to use multistage chromatography column. The operation process is very complex, time-consuming (a week for per sample pretreatment), laborious and easy to introduce errors. Meanwhile, it uses a large number of organic solvents (such as dichloromethane, which is harmful to the human body) during the process, which takes a high purification cost. In addition, it will be more difficult to deal with dioxin in a trace or ultra-trace level. Therefore, FMS has been working on the research and innovation of the sample pretreatment system of dioxin compounds for many years.

Labcare Scientific is FMS's main agent in China and we are committed to the promotion of FMS products. In November, Phil-M.Germansderfer, an international sales manager of FMS, came to China to inspect market research and assisted Labcare Scientific to promote the rapid dioxin sample pretreatment system. Phil and Technical Marketing Department Manager of Labcare Scientific visited customers to perform technical support and demonstrated how the EconoPrep series and EZprep123 series rapidly separated PCDD/Fs and PCBs in a very short time by only using toluene and n-hexane. The devices completely avoid users exposing to dichloromethane, which reduces the harm to the human body.


Compared with the previous manual sample pretreatment, both EconoPrep series and EZprep123 have many advantages such as short time interval, environmentally-friendly footprint (low solvent consumption), cross-contamination avoidance, low labor cost, etc. Sample separation efficiency and contaminated samples data accuracy are significantly improved. The devices are the perfect sample pre-treatment solutions for food, flavor and other industries.  


For more than 30 years, FMS has been focusing on the design and research of POPs pretreatment process. We provide fully automated sample extraction, purification and concentration solutions in accordance with the EU regulation and national standards. And these help us become a global leader in the POPs sample pretreatment field.

Labcare Scientific

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