Master MS gas source demand, British Permuta AB-NM-50MD gas generator “Shine”
Introduction: British Permuta's AB-NM-50MD gas generator is a special-designed device for SCIEX company 3200MD and 4500MD MS gas source supply. Its operating characteristics: stable and efficient, seven-day continuous gas output.

New challenges in the application of MS gas source

With the development of analytical science and technology industry, the demand for laboratory research is increasing as well. More and more new precision analytical instruments have been introduced and widely used in various laboratories. Among these developments, clinical diagnosis is the fastest research direction: SCIEX 3200MD and 4500MD MS play an important role in these diagnosing directions.

MS is a tool for clinical diagnose. In addition to its excellent performance, gas source supply is also an essential condition to achieve high efficiency and accurate analysis process. 3200MD and 4500MD are different from other SCIEX MS because both of the two devices use highly-purified nitrogen as trigas and require a high nitrogen flow and pressure.

During the lab work, some important analysis may be interrupted if you use gas cylinders, because gas cylinders needs to be frequently replaced and it may affect the efficiency of the laboratory work. However, our smart gas generator has perfectly solved the problem.

Best design for your AB-NM-50MD gas generator

AB-NM-50MD is a special-designed generator for the Sciex 3200MD and 4500MD mass spectrometer by British Permuta Company. AB-NM-50MD gas generator uses membrane nitrogen technology that can produce three different levels nitrogen gas by purifying and filtrating the gas source. In addition, the entire gas preparation process runs under a normal temperature and pressure condition. The efficient and stable operation process fully meets the requirements of the Sciex MS for curtain gas, collision gas, atomizing gas and dry gas application.

AB-NM-50MD, designed for Sciex 3200MD and 4500MD MS, provides efficient and stable gas sources, so that your work is handy.

About Permuta

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