Permuta New Product SHI-NM-8060C Nitrogen Generator Released
Focus on applications and innovations, PerMuta promotes the new development for laboratory gas applications

The British Permuta company recently launches the SHI-NM-8060C nitrogen generator, which applies advanced nitrogen membrane separation technology (MEM) and multistage purification filtration technology. The new generator can simultaneously produce high purity nitrogen and dry air. It fully matches the application of SHIMADZU LCMS-8045, LCMS-8050, LCMS-8060 LC-MS instruments for nebulizer gas and dry gas requirement.

SHI-NM-8060C Nitrogen Generator provides gas for SHIMADZU LCMS-8050 in laboratory

The new SHI-NM-8060C nitrogen generator continues its original gas generator designing concept. By using human-machine information interactive control system and online monitoring function, it provides a convenient operation program and achieves an efficient and stable gas supply method.

British Permuta Jane mentioned that the shi-nm-8060c nitrogen generator relied not only on the excellent intelligent control monitoring system to ensure the stability but also two built-in super large capacity gas buffer tank and high-performance oil-free air pressure system. These systems can produce 30l/min flow rate of high-purity nitrogen and 30l/min flow of dry air at the same time. The adequate flow is not only particularly important for mass spectrometry ionization step, but also can to some extent lower system start-up frequency and prolong the system service life. The flow maximum ensure the generator performance for your laboratory work.

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